About Me

About Me

I was introduced to psychology and art therapy in my youth. I saw the benefits immediately and never looked back. My early experiences with art therapy and counseling became the foundation for understanding myself, and later for my work as a therapist. Working with adolescents is an important part of my work. I believe that adolescence, one of the key stages of identity development, is an opportune time to attend therapy. 

During young adulthood, the loss of a parent and my experience of bereavement sparked my interest in helping people who are experiencing grief and loss

When I began to study the impact of early relationship dynamics between caregivers and children on adult relationships and behavior patterns (attachment), I was fascinated. My studies in that area led to me to discover how traumatic events impact our lives long after the fact. Hopeful to find a therapeutic method that could efficiently help clients in resolving relational and other traumas, my quest led me to the effectiveness of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy®

My life's work is to help people find the road back to themselves. 

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Independent Marriage and Family Therapist and a Board Certified Art Therapist. I received my B.A. from The University of Tampa and completed my M.A. in Marital & Family Therapy and Clinical Art Therapy at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA. I am currently certified in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® Level I: Affect Dysregulation, Survival Defenses and Traumatic Memory, and Level II: Emotional Processing, Meaning Making and Attachment Repair. I have published co-authored research in the Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research, and presented nationally and locally on the topics of grief, trauma, attachment, art therapy and stigmatization in the mental health profession. I am an active member of both national and local chapters of the American Art Therapy Association and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.